Wedding Band Hire – Which Is the Best Option for Your Big Day?

Good wedding music holds the key to making your D-day a big success; it helps to set the right pace and mood for the entire day, one that people will remember and talk about for a long time afterwards. There are many options these days when it comes to getting the right music for your wedding day; this includes choosing and arranging the songs and music yourself which is actually a difficult chore as there are a hundred things that will be running through your head on that day. So the next best option is to hire Apollo Live in the Birmingham area or a DJ for the perfect entertainment.

wedding band liveThe first thing that you and your partner must decide is whether you want a live wedding band or a DJ for your ceremony and reception. Most people still opt for live wedding bands especially for the main wedding ceremony because of the atmosphere that they can help create for the guests. A band is often much better at creating a rapport with the audience and can interact better with the guests than a lone DJ. Wedding bands often score higher in popularity among the guests because of the intimacy and warmth that they can help create.

But the disadvantage with most traditional wedding bands is that they will not be able to offer the variety in songs and music like a professional DJ. A DJ will be better equipped to play the latest songs and music and will have much more to offer in terms of variety according to the tastes of the audience. They will also be able to mix their own music and offer something new for the guests to experience at the wedding.

Unlike the common belief, wedding bands tend to be more expensive than a DJ especially if you need the band to play selected songs and music. Many modern couples are hence opting to hire a DJ. Especially if the invited guests are younger and like to dance to hip and cool numbers instead of the traditional ones. Another big advantage with a DJ is that he will be able to easily get CDs of any special song that you request unlike a band which will have to learn to play the music or song.

Whichever option you choose, it is also important to hire the right entertainer for your wedding. It has to be someone who can understand your tastes and can also relate to the audience on a more intimate level to make the evening a success. Try to have music that will cater to all kinds of audiences so that each guest gets to enjoy the entertainment. It is also important to have a rehearsal where you get to hear the songs and music so that there are no confusions on the wedding day.

Instead of just using a search engine to get a DJ or wedding band such as Apollo Live, ask for references especially from couples who have recently tied the knot so that you can hire the best name in the business.

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